Coffeeshop Upstairs existed since 1990 and was at that time located in the Beekstraat 11 above the former café Court of Guelders.
In the eighties it was the famous Café de Primeur.

Here, several national and international artists including Herman Brood & His Wild Romance.
Herman Brood in the place where the coffeshop was located lived.

We talk about the old or situation. In the nineties there were plans to open a new mall here and had to move the coffeshop.

This happened in 2004, when the coffeeshop is for two years, moved to the other side.
In November 2006 the new shopping center was a fact.

The Musiskwartier was completed containing the coffeeshop Upstairs and as before on the first floor.


is here to the satisfaction of our customers.

upstairs-geel Beekstraat 12
6811 DV Arnhem
Coffeeshop Upstairs
026 3515397
Open 7 day's a week
from 10 am - 12 pm