Trading on the street

You may be approached by so-called "drug runners". Outside on the street

Usually these are young people that you kind greetings and / or appeal, in order to sell you something. It is dangerous to do business with these people; they also sell hard drugs regularly and rob their customers of their money.
Completely ignore is the best!
Purchase of (soft) drugs in an illegal sale is not tolerated and punishable! In addition brings many risks with it.
Never follow a drug runner, do not give money and go himself never with them.

Buy hash and weed always one of the tolerated coffee shops.
So you know for sure that you get an honest opinion without any problems and have a nice time in Arnhem.



upstairs-geel Beekstraat 12
6811 DV Arnhem
Coffeeshop Upstairs
026 3515397
Open 7 day's a week
from 10 am - 12 pm