Hash en weed

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What are hash and weed
Hash and weed come from a plant with the Latin name Cannabis Sativa, or cannabis. In Dutch we call it hemp plant. If you think the female flower buds dry and crumbles, you get marijuana. The latter is greenish-brown in color and is usually called 'weed' or 'weed'. If you push the resin of the plant into blocks or slices, you get hash. Its color varies from light brown to black. Through special processing a highly concentrated substance from the plant can be made: hash oil. Weed, hashish and hashish oil spread a very typical smell: who once has smelled recognize him in the sequel immediately.

What do you feel of hash or weed
Hash and weed are usually mixed with tobacco and then with one or more papers rolled into a smoke. Then it is called a "roach" or "joint." Smoking is called 'dope'. You can also process in your food, so-called 'space cake'. A stickie or joint working after a few minutes, two to four hours later, the effect is gone. Hash and weed in eating often begins after an hour to work! So if you take a half hour after eating a piece of space cake still nothing shows, then wait a while with the cutting of a next slice ... it starting to work, and it appears that you've eaten too much, you can do something because quite a few hours of his illness. In hashish and marijuana is the ingredient THC. This ensures that you 'high' or 'stoned' feeling. The amount of THC thus determines the effect. The effect can be enhanced by the mood that you're in at the moment you dope. If you're not comfortable in your own skin, you can for example, you start feeling. Rotter Feel however you fine then it's usually nice. We call this 'high' or 'stoned' are. The word 'stoned' is used because of the heavy feeling in particular arms and legs. THC affects your perception: colors can be intense experience music more intensely, your sense of space and time changes, your imagination can run wild. At this stage, your thoughts by someone not smoked cannabis often impossible to follow. Some people get a sudden desire to overeat (binge), others the giggles. But you can also be overcome by fear. THC relaxes the muscles, makes your mouth dry, your eyes red, dilates the pupils, and speeds up your heart rate, some of these effects can be annoying.

What are the risks of hash and weed
* Who is not comfortable in his skin, better not use hash or weed: chances are it worse from there just is.
* Too high a dose can cause severe anxiety or a big dip. You can go pretty bad feeling dizziness, nausea, panic, and fainting. This is called "flipping." Wait until it is about, the only thing you can do. However, may be another try to calm down. The flipping through an overdose occurs especially in inexperienced users. This risk is much greater when cannabis is eaten, because the less you have in mind how much you received in.
* THC reduces the concentration, reaction and short-term memory. Logical thinking is difficult, the thread of a conversation you lose complete. THC and work, doing homework or studying go together or not. Participation in the movement under the influence of THC is dangerous and therefore prohibited.
* When you have a lot and often hashish and marijuana use this then put your brakes on your own development. Instead of problem solving and learning from them, a lot of people blowing their problems and discontent away. Many blowers always have good intentions, but bring it in reality little or not some of it. Moreover, you end up walking only to have people who are very busy with dope. Risk contact
* People who suffer from underlying psychological problems or who are prone to psychotic disorders are at risk. The use of cannabis can exacerbate these problems and is not recommended.
* Smoke blunts and stickies is usually inhaled deeply and held long in the lungs. The smoke contains more carcinogens than tobacco alone. In the long term damage could occur to the respiratory tract.
* THC has been found in breast milk. For hash and weed is the same as for alcohol, tobacco and other drugs: use during pregnancy and lactation is not recommended.
* A possible effect of prolonged and intensive use is reduced fertility. After stopping use it recovers.
* Most scientists do not consider it proven that prolonged use leads to permanent effect on the brains and immune systems.

What can you do if things go wrong
It can prevent someone freaks. That's no reason to panic. Try to calm down. Someone in a quiet area Usually succeeds or by reassuring him or her and to drink or eat. Something sweet When a person remains confused and anxious, it is wise to call a doctor.

Is hashish or marijuana addictive
You can distinguish between physical and psychological dependence. We speak of physical dependence if you protest body when using an agent is stopped (withdrawal symptoms). When using hash and weed this does not occur. Also, you do not always need to achieve the same effect. It is also not that dope automatically lead to a need for heavier drugs. Psychological dependence means that you are increasingly craves the drug, and you really can not feel good without it. In a part of the users, this is the case, in particular in those who frequently use (for example, every day). This is especially true when you're used to escape from reality, for example, out of boredom or lack of future prospects. The situation can arise only hash or weed are important for these users the rest is not interesting.

source: Youth Information via http://www.jip.org/

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