Apply one of these statements to you? Then read on!
I use hashish and / or marijuana, but I'm not sure what the difference is between reasonable and unreasonable use.
I know the difference between wise and unwise use of hashish and marijuana and would like to inform my friends.
I do not (yet) hash or weed, but would like to try it.
I do not use hash or weed, but would like to know more about.
Hashish and marijuana (cannabis) make you happy and relaxed. This takes about two to four hours. You can deal sensibly with hashish and marijuana, or you can use cannabis wrong. This, of course, you decide yourself.
Upstairs gives you some tips to help with you.
Use conscious, moderation and for fun, not to solve your problems.
Know what you blowt! Let yourself be informed about the species. Some species are stronger than other types.
Stop it if you feel you have enough. An experienced smoker does not feel this. Himself, a novice smoker Let your reason well informed.
Buy hashish and marijuana street, but only in a good coffee shop where they can tell you. Something about it
Use your free time and not have to go to school or work, or if you participate in the traffic. It reduces your concentration.
Be careful with alcohol if you hashish or marijuana use.
Do not smoke hash or weed when you are pregnant because smoking is bad for your unborn child.
Be careful with hashish and marijuana if you are taking medication, or have mental health problems. The use can adversely affect mental health problems. Please consult your doctor first.
Space Cake is for experienced users. If you eat it, start with a small piece off and wait for the effect. This may take a half hour.
Do not take a hash and weed along the country's borders.

Else you need to know.
If you smoke hash or weed mixed with tobacco, you get the addictive substance 'Nicotine' inside.
When smoking hashish, marijuana and tobacco pollutants 'tar' and 'CO' are released.
Hashish and marijuana can be bad fall. If you feel so sick or anxious, eat or drink something sweet and find a quiet spot. Do not panic, it's by itself. The worst phase lasts an hour.
You can always ask the staff at Upstairs for information and explanation about the use of hashish and marijuana.

Why coffeeshop Upstairs?
Coffeeshop Upstairs aims to lead. Use of soft drugs in Arnhem in the right direction
We do this by:

  • to establish a good and safe user space;
  • sell to strict (house) rules and control softdrugs it: we work within the policies' non-commercial coffee shop "of the Municipality of Arnhem and within the conditions of the operating license and tolerance Decision;
  • to provide information about products and use information to customers;
  • to deploy qualified personnel.

Upstairs wants a coffee shop that exudes quality, which meets needs and expectations of customers and the municipality of Arnhem. Quality is found in the spaces, products, information, presentation and staff Upstairs back. So feel free to step inside for a chat or a cup of coffee.

upstairs-geel Beekstraat 12
6811 DV Arnhem
Coffeeshop Upstairs
026 3515397
Open 7 day's a week
from 10 am - 12 pm